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Wilton Crew Neck

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Wilton Crew Neck
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Wilton Crew NeckWilton Crew NeckWilton Crew NeckWilton Crew NeckWilton Crew NeckWilton Crew Neck
Sitting down to create our merino knits program we evaluated a multitude of suppliers to find what we believe to be one of the softest and most durable merino yarns out there. It’s made by Zegna Baruffa and when it was released at the end of the 70’s it revolutionized the world of knitwear. To this day it’s a hallmark of Italian craftsmanship and a benchmark in the world of high-class knitwear. As shiny as silk, as soft as cashmere, this is the only extra-fine merino yarn entirely made in Italy. The Wilton Crew Neck is fully fashioned, knitted in 12 gauge, the yarn count is 2/30 (2-ply), and the cuff, hem, and neckline feature reinforced 1×1 tubular ribbing.
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